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Hurricane Preparedness


Texas Governor's Office of Emergency Management Information

News Release: Learn the Dangers
News Release: Emergency Preparedness Supplies
News Release: Wind Speeds and Damage
News Release: Inland Flooding

Texas Department of Public Safety Hurricane Preparedness Links

Hurricane: Know the Terms

Links of Interest

American Red Cross
City of Houston Office of Emergency Management

Department of Homeland Security -

Federal Emergency Management Agency
Harris County Flood Warning System
Harris County Office of Emergency Management

Hydrometerological Prediction Center

National Hurricane Center

National Weather Service - Southern Region

NOAA Storm Prediction Center

Texas Governor's Division of Emergency Management
Texas Prepares: Ready or Not!

U.S. Coast Guard Storm System

Real-Time Weather Sites

Colorado St. University Tropical Weather Data
Florida St. University Weather Data
Intellicast Hurricane Tracker
NDBC Interactive Marine Obs
RSMAS Environmental Observations, University of Miami, Florida
University of Hawaii Weather Server
Weatherman 911

Wunderground Hurricane Page

Alternate Real-Time Tropical Cyclone Sites

Atlantic Tropical Weather Center
EMWIN Houston
FEMA Tropical Storm Watch
Golden Triangle Weather
Hurricane Climate
Hurricane Watch Net
US Army Corps of Engineers - Hurricane Response - Tropical Products (text format)

Readiness/Preparedness Resources

"Hurricane Basics" Brochure
Hurricane Readiness Guide - American Red Cross
Nine Steps to Flood Recovery
How to Reduce the Damage to a Flooded Car
Flood Risk Map
Preparing for a Flood: A Homeowners Guide
Pet Safety: During and After a Flood
Hurricane Evacuation Questions & Answers