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Fire Prevention & Safety

Residential Sprinkler Systems

·     Residential sprinkler systems are designed for life safety and are your best line of defense in a fire.  A residential sprinkler system and smoke detectors together can dramatically decrease fire fatalities.  Sprinklers are inexpensive to install in new and existing buildings.  In addition, they reduce damage caused by the fire and minimize water damage during fire suppression.

 Smoke Detectors

·     Install Smoke Detectors

A smoke detector can give an early warning of a fire.  It is an effective tool in increasing your chance of escaping and surviving.  Smoke detectors should be installed in each sleeping area and on each level of the home. 

·     Change Your Smoke Detector Batteries

The International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC) and fire experts nationwide encourage people to change smoke detector batteries at least annually.  An easy way to remember to change your batteries is when you turn your clock back in the fall.  Replace old batteries with fresh, high quality alkaline batteries, such as energizer brand batteries, to keep your smoke detector going year-long.

·     Check You Smoke Detectors

After inserting a fresh battery in your smoke detector, check to make sure the smoke detector itself is working by pushing the safety test button.

·     Clean Your Smoke Detectors

Each month, clear your smoke detectors of dust and cobwebs to ensure their sensitivity.

Change Your Flashlight Batteries

·     To make sure your emergency flashlights work when you need them, use high quality alkaline batteries.  Keep a working flashlight near your bed, in the kitchen, basement and family room, and use it to signal for help in the event of a fire.

Install Fire Extinguishers

·     Install a fire extinguisher in or near your kitchen and know who to use it.  Should you need to purchase one, the IAFC recommends a multi-or all-purpose fire extinguisher that is listed by an accredited testing laboratory such as Underwriters Laboratory.

Plan and Practice Your Escape

·     Create at least two different escaper routes and practice them with your entire family.  Children are at double the risk of dying in a home fire because they often become scared and confused during fires.  Make sure your children understand that a smoke detector signals a home fire and that they recognize its alarm.  Early notification to 9.1.1. is critical.  A fire can double in size and intensity with every minute.  Early warning, escape and calling 9.1.1. are absolute essentials. 

Fire Safe Practices for Everyday Living

Fire safe practices can be accomplished with a few basic steps:

The Importance of Emergency Lighting for Fire Safety

Emergency lights are installed to direct people through busy roads, lead people to exit doors and help them see through any dark area. In the case of a fire, it is particularly important to have these lights in place. A combination of smoke and darkness can turn into disastrous results. In any case, most building owners are required to have emergency lighting for fire safety. The law requires people to take this responsibility so that people do not die or get seriously injured. Learn about the importance of getting emergency lights to increase safety from fire.

-Quick Evacuation

Most people do not understand the importance of using emergency lights. You need these fixtures to promote a quick evacuation of any building, no matter the size. The threat of a stampede is always present wherever there is a large crowd. Whether the location is a movie theater or outdoor concert, there is the risk of death or injury by trampling. When the walls are not wide enough to hold everyone, you definitely need an alarm and fire safety system in place. You never know how people react when they see fire, and you do not know how difficult it is to see through smoke, so have bright exit lights installed. (Csemag for fire safety.)

-Search and Rescue

You need emergency lights that direct search and rescue people into places where injured people need help. The brighter the lights, the more likely that people see through smoke and dust clouds. The S&R people always have heavy bags and equipment that they must carry, so it is good to make their jobs easy. Also, emergency lights help them navigate an area that they are not familiar with.

-Peace of Mind
Ensure total peace of mind for anyone who resides anywhere. When people enter unfamiliar places, they feel unsafe and uncomfortable. People feel more comfortable when they stay in rooms with visible emergency lights and alarms. They do not want to stay in a pitch dark room that is not illuminated in some way.

You need emergency lighting systems that assist people during fire emergencies. You cannot just choose random devices because they must be manufactured and installed properly. These lights must adhere to local emergency lighting regulations and pass strict testing procedures. No one should panic during any emergency that involves a fire in the building. Installing lights is the best way to ensure peace of mind and safety for all building residents.